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Midwestern Contract Manufacturer

 Sales engineers were spending time working on quotes and servicing current clientele. Senior management was worried that new business opportunities were not being pursued due to the lack of time allotted to the sales engineer force.

 After one year of using the VirTom Group to generate sales leads, the contract manufacturer is in contact with five to seven leads per week. With a sales cycle that had been anywhere from 24 to 36 months, the contract manufacturer has closed two deals in the one year alone. Senior management has decided that the VirTom Group is going to be the only sales efforts to initialize contact with potential client companies. Its sales engineer force has the responsibility of keeping in contact with those entities and eventually closing those deals. Opportunities represent over $50 million.

Southern Management Consultant

 Company has a plethora of seasoned IT and other management professionals. This company started a division in offering expertise to large retailers throughout the USA. Sales personnel were not successful in approaching
these well known, household retail names.
 In four months of reaching out to the retail space, this company is in front
of such retail giants as Wal-Mart, Kroger and Meijer. Each retail outlet
is worth an opportunity of $50,000 per store.
 Senior management has been so impressed; there are four more projects
that the VirTom Group will be generating leads.

Industrial Consulting/Training

 Fluid Power Company was having difficulty in approaching large public utility companies to offer their superb expertise. Sales personnel had been dealing mostly with fluid power distributors, not end users.

 With the VirTom Group performing lead generation services, these companies has already closed deals and have been on engagements with such utility giants as Ameren, Progress Energy, Southern California Edison, First Energy and Duquesne Power. In addition, such large organizations as Disney and Duke Energy have requested quotes.
 Opportunities are approximately $20 million.

International Surgical Instrument Manufacturer


 Company had five seminars scheduled in three cities scheduled within the next month with few attendees scheduled.


 VirTom Group was able to fill enough slots in the first seminar to almost capacity. By the end of the second week, management had to instruct the VirTom Group to discontinue seminar recruiting as all seminars were at full capacity. Needless to say, this company is using the VirTom Group in all current and future seminar recruitment.

“The VirTom Group opened many doors for our reps and accelerated their selling cycles with these prospects. The project was a success.”

Sales Manager

Fortune 500

Industrial Services Company

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